Megan Kennedy is a Master Practitioner of Clinical Counselling, a Registered Clinical Supervisor, a Registered Master Therapeutic Counsellor, an Internationally Registered Addictions Specialist, and a Bio Energetics Practitioner.  In her private practice, she also provides competency-based supervision to professionals in private practice in this field.  Megan has worked in this profession for more than 24 years and still loves working with her clients.  Individual, Couple’s and Group work are the backbone of her practice.

She helps clients who are dealing with Anxiety, Depression, Fears, Life Transitions, Family of Origin work,  Grief and Loss, and Relationship Issues.

Megan specializes in Anorexia, Bulimia, Addictions, Trauma/Complex Trauma, Betrayal Trauma, Intimacy Disorders (Intimacy Anorexia), Relationship Endings, and Abuse.   Megan uses John Gottman’s techniques and strategies for her Couples’ work that is highly effective.  These same principles work for individuals too in their relationships, and for those uncoupling from relationships.

She helps her clients free themselves from past pain, hurts, heartaches and hang-ups so they can move forward in healed, healthier ways.  Megan acknowledges the many miracles she sees in her clients who commit to doing their work.

Megan works with individuals, couples, and groups and meets clients where they are at with non-judgmental compassion.

Megan acknowledges that somatic (trauma) bodywork is integral to counselling therapy and psychotherapy.  “The conscious and subconscious issues of your life certainly present through physical symptoms like anxiety, panic, and depression.   Stressors surface if hurts, heartaches, hangups, and traumas are left untreated and unresolved over time.”  She treats the symptoms while getting to the root causes.  Relapse is part of the change cycle and Megan teaches relapse prevention in all behaviours.