Megan Kennedy is a Registered Master Practitioner of Clinical Counselling, a Registered Master Therapeutic Counsellor, an Internationally Registered Addictions Specialist, and a Bio Energetics Practitioner.  She recently also became a supervisor for others in her field.  Megan has worked in this field for more than 22 years.    More than 4 years ago she incorporated energy work into her practice; a cutting-edge technique.   She works on the whole body; mental, emotional, physical, social, relational and spiritual.  Megan states that the body contains all the information needed for whatever healing journey you are seeking.  She relies on the body’s innate ability to heal itself with this integrated approach.   “We just tap into the hidden blockages, and remove the interference is that is preventing the body’s healing, on all levels”.

She has made it her life purpose to help her clients remove the interference that is impeding their growth and personal development, and living optimally with health and wellness no matter what they are dealing with.She works on complex trauma with both techniques in her practice.

Megan acknowledges that integrating new technologies and doing body work is a significant advancement and now integral to counselling therapy and psychotherapy.  “The conscious and ultimately subconscious issues of your life need to be attended to as physical symptoms always surface if hurts, heartaches, hangups and traumas are left untreated and unresolved over time.”  She doesn’t treat the symptoms but gets to the root causes.

Megan is currently an Elite Diplomate as a Bio Energetics (BEST) Practitioner, trained through Morter Health Systems, and currently working toward her Master’s Level in this modality.

“My clients love Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique as a stand-alone treatment or with counselling therapy because of the benefits they experience.”  Megan works from 2 offices in the Comox Valley; her home office is in beautiful Campbell River.