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Comox Valley CounsellingI am a Master Practitioner in Counselling Psychology and Psychotherapy and a “Wholistic” Healthcare Practitioner. I treat the whole person…body, mind, emotions, spirit and memory on a Bio-Psycho-Social-Spiritual level. Our focus is your optimum health. My role is to provide a safe and sacred space for your healing. I am strength-based, collaborative and client-centred with solid therapeutic skills and ethics. On your first visit, we will review some of your history; I work to deal at the “level of cause” to make it less necessary for your body to express itself with “effects”. You will have the opportunity to watch a short video on the Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique known as B.E.S.T. and the work that we do. We will begin to explore the 6 Essentials that determine health. A little of your history helps us begin. Once I have a sense of your unique situation and your goals, I will make suggestions how we can work together and treatment begins. Homework typically accompanies each treatment session.

For more than 18 years now, I have worked in long-term inpatient treatment centres and in private practice. I have specialized throughout my career in the field of addictions, mental health, and concurrent disorders, and as a result I am able to work on a wide spectrum of challenging client issues. I now bring B.E.S.T. to my practice because it addresses areas that “typical therapy sessions miss”.

As the client, your role is to come as you are, bringing all of your joy, pain, beauty, awkwardness, sanity and neurosis to each session with a willingness to work on your life. As a skillful Counselling Therapist and Wholistic Healthcare Practitioner, I recognize that you are the expert on your life and it is not my role to “fix” you but to offer guidance and protective accompaniment as you make the journey to your own healing.

I use various interventions, therapies and skills that I have gained through training, education and experience to help you have the best life possible no matter what is going on in your life. The road to your goals must be built upon your own values and belief systems, your motivation to engage in the change process, and ultimately how you want to live in the world. The initial treatment session for B.E.S.T. is approximately 45-60 minutes; consecutive sessions approximately 15-30 minutes. Negative thinking, relationship problems, physical ailments, financial difficulties, fears, anxieties, stress and trauma all build up in the body over time and put our overall health and well-being at risk. B.E.S.T. helps dramatically with these issues.

On a personal note, family, photography and gardening are some of the joys in my life. I am actively involved in service work in our community. I am currently writing a book on the trauma that family members and loved ones experience as a result of their loved ones and family members battling addictions.

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