1. Counselling Therapy (Individual or Couple), or
  2. Bio Energetics Synchronization Treatment (B.E.S.T.) only, or
  3. Combine B.E.S.T. with your Counselling Therapy Session, or
  4. Bring the whole family for B.E.S.T. treatments
  5. Zoom appointments if you are travelling or working out of town.

B.E.S.T.  (Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique)

An initial session takes 60 minutes as you are not rushed through the treatment visit.  We get an overview of what brings you to seek treatment, set up your file, and begin with a B.E.S.T. treatment.   The first visit is $100.00.  Subsequent Bio Energetic Synchronization Treatments (B.E.S.T.only) are $100.00 as treatment often included 2-3 components of treatment in a 60-minute session.

Everyone will benefit from  B.E.S.T. Clients come to maintain their level of mental, emotional, spiritual, financial and physical health & wellness.  Others come to improve the quality of life while dealing with health issues; often very serious ones.  It is recommended to walk for 30-minutes after a B.E.S.T. treatment, or learn the sitting or lying equivalent if you have mobility restrictions.


Individual therapy sessions are a full hour (60-minutes) visit at $100.00.   A sliding scale fee is offered for those on limited incomes.  Zoom (Skype-type) appointments are a very convenient alternative from your home or place of work at $100.00 based on a 60-minute session.


Megan is a competency-based Supervisor to other practitioners in this field.  She receives ongoing supervision a well.  Fees are discussed with her individual supervisees.

Expressive Arts Therapy Counselling


Expressive Arts Therapy, a very powerful therapy, is a 90-minute session for an individual.  The fee is $150.00. Amazing results are possible with this dynamic therapeutic technique.




Codependancy Counselling


Couples therapy counselling sessions are 90-minutes long; the fee is $150.00 per session.   Couples learn together how to move their relationship forward in healthier way.  Megan includes John Gottman’s Principles also to help guide the relationship back to stability, rekindled love, and longevity with your partner.



MWC_dogYour beloved pet will benefit from Animal B.E.S.T. just as much as you do.  They take on family stresses, face physical pain, and some have abuse or trauma in their histories. Their session is 20-30 minutes long and you remain with your pet.  You see, and they feel the benefits immediately.  Animal B.E.S.T. helps physical symptoms, illness, disease, lethargy, aging issues, anxiety, stress, behavioural problems, and pain.  Fees are $30.00 per session.



The fees for counsellor, therapists and alternative healthcare practitioners and are not paid for  by our provincial medical coverage.  Our services are paid for by the client directly.  Some clients have extended health insurance benefits that may reimburse you depending on your individual coverage.  Please check your individual coverage providers to ensure that it states it covers counsellors, therapists and alternative healthcare practitioners as they vary widely in service provision.

Payment – see below.  A receipt is provided for each session. Retain your receipts for your own file, for your benefit plan reimbursement, and/or medical tax credit on your income taxes.

In the healthcare profession it is vital to get some background information(personal history) to best help and direct the treatment process and your goals.

Appointments are set up over the telephone or by text, so please ensure that you leave a contact phone number where you can be reached if you are making your initial contact through the website. All calls are returned within 24 hours during regular office hours.  Weekend calls are returned the first working day of the following week. If you contact me by telephone, you can be assured that you are reaching a confidential voicemail.  Cancellation policy details below.  

In the event that you are in any emergency or crisis, do not leave a phone or email message, but instead seek immediate assistance for your safety and well-being.

Appointments are scheduled as soon as possible. New clients are always welcome.  Occasionally appointments may be scheduled outside of regular hours on an individual basis and need only.


Cash (exact cash please), Cheque, or e-Transfer.
E-Transfer payments are submitted prior to the session; not collected until post-session.


Because this appointment is reserved for you, I do require 48 hour notice of cancellation or the appointment will be billed to you. The 48-hour provision gives me time to rebook the session with another client. If I am able to rebook an appointment, you will not be billed.