Codependency Counselling

Codependancy CounsellingCodependency is a psychological condition that may have begun in childhood, surfaces as a result of physical, emotional or sexual abuse, and left untreated has a way of penetrating our everyday living. Most codependents place a lower value on themselves and their needs in relationships. Codependency appears in relationships: family, peers, work, intimate relationships, and relationship with “self”. Often denial, compliance, passivity, abuse, poor self-esteem, controlling, or being controlled are all signs and symptoms of codependency. Working on your codependency issues can have a significant positive impact on your life. The benefits are great to “working on codependency”. You can have better self-esteem, have a voice and an opinion, give up the need to control self or others, stop the abuse in your life, and any self-abuse issues. Your relationships can improve greatly and become more satisfying. You can grow in many directions.