The 6 Essentials for Healthy Living

Our practice focuses on helping our clients achieve true health through the balancing of the 6 Essentials.

  • What You Eat
  • What You Drink
  • How and When You Rest
  • Exercise
  • What and How You Breathe
  • What and How You Think

pH Testing

Periodically, as required, we do Saliva pH Testing, to check the body’s alkalinity vs acidity.  Besides the natural stressors of living, we add stress to our bodies through our diets, lifestyles and choices in the 6 Essentials.  These test results directly reflect your ability to handle stress in your day-to-day activities and help in your treatment.

More About Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique (B.E.S.T.)

It has long been understood by holistic practitioners that stress is the cause of distress, aches and pains, illness and disease in the body.  Today our lives are constantly being bombarded by stress from every direction. If the stress is not neutralized, it remains stored up somewhere in the body long after the stress is over.  It then gets “locked“ in the body, and over time results in a lifetime of untreated traumas to the healthy functioning of the body.  Over time physical symptoms show up.

B.E.S.T. treats chronic illness and disease, physical symptoms that present in aches and pains; sometimes long-term pain. Megan helps her clients with Parkinson’s, Cancer, Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, Depression, Anxiety, Grief and Loss, Addictions, Traumas, Relationship Issues, Weight, Negativity … to name just a few presenting issues.

The sources of stress may come from family, work environment, finances, relationships, unmet needs and wants, spiritual quests, peer pressures, technology and even white noise. Exciting events too can be stressful like a marriage, the birth of a child, a move, or a new career path.

The body cannot survive the flooding attacks that stress puts on the physical body.  Physical symptoms surface as seen in mental and emotional distress, aches and pains, illness and disease if they are left untreated.  We cannot afford to treat only the symptoms; the band aid solution often seen today.

Whether the Stress is Physical, Mental, Emotional, Relational, Social or Spiritual, the body is indeed the receptacle of our whole life experience.  We do our very best to deal with these stressors, big and small, however their accumulation affects how our bodies ultimately function.  The accumulation or interference results in a body that cannot perform at its optimum capability and begins to break down.  We often end up functioning in our daily lives in a state of hypervigilance – defense physiology – commonly referred to as the fight, flight or freeze response.

Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique (B.E.S.T.) assesses the body`s interference, unlocks the interference or blockages, and restores the body to its own innate ability to function at its optimum.  B.E.S.T. allows the mind and body to synchronize; working together towards optimal functioning, whatever is going on.

Physical Stress includes repetitive movement on stressed parts of the body or by activating sedentary parts of the body.  It includes accidents, sports injuries, physical labour, sedentary jobs, overdoing or underdoing physical activity.  Chemical Stress comes from the pollutants we breathe, from pesticides and herbicides on our seemingly healthy living foods.  Our bodies are impacted by chemically produced GMO foods, and MSG and other preservatives.  Mental and Emotional Stress apply to all age groups today.  When mentally and emotionally stressed, we breathe only at only the top of our lungs.  As we become aware of our chemical, emotional, mental and overall physical stresses in our lives, we can be pro-active in addressing them.

Through the 6 Essentials we can alter the way we eat relying on a more organic alkaline diet.  It is paramount to recognize that what we put into our bodies has a profound and lasting effect on its functioning.  We can consider and revise what we drink.  We can add more exercise and stretching to our daily routines.  Our mental and emotional brain impacts how we sleep and rest our bodies.  What and how we breathe impacts our bodies significantly.  However, what we think about has the greatest overall impact on our health; more than what we eat and drink, how we exercise, how and what we breathe, and how much rejuvenating rest we get – all combined. We are what we think about, so what we think about, we actually bring about.