Success stories are important to share with others. They inspire and motivate others who are looking for a positive experience. Here is a collection of testimonials from others like you that have experienced healing through Madronna Wellness Centre!

Mr & Mrs E.G.R. & Foxy too (pet)

“Dear Megan:
BEST Therapist
 In reference to the treatments you have done for Ted R. – Parkinsons is his problem, both physical and mental causing personal trauma daily.  We have been so pleased with the changes that have occurred both in his walking previous shuffle; to walking with more normal strides.  Secondly his sleep and attitude have improved immensely.
His energy level has increased with each new treatment.  Ted now looks forward to  a better lifestyle he can cope with.  For this we cannot be more grateful and happy.  Thanking you for your great personality, care, and constant consideration.” 

JAB, Courtenay

“I have had the privilege of working with Megan who never ceases to amaze me!  I heard about her practice through a referral from another B.E.S.T. patient of hers.
I came in with long-term complicated health issues including weight issues, diabetes, legs that had been numb for years, high blood pressure, pending back surgery… and some other issues.  I have battled my weight all my life and today my weight is “normal” .  I have dropped 185 lbs. over 3 years without medications or surgery.   I come for two sessions a week.  I do my homework assignments to keep working on myself between treatments and that part has helped tremendously.
I  can say that I am now off all medications including diabetic meds., years of  pain killers and crap I used to put in my body, no more high blood pressure meds. or OTCs.  I no longer need meds for my COPD.  My liver is in better shape now because I am medication-free, alcohol-free and don’t put junk in my body.  I have more energy now than I have had in 40 years.  I am physically active again.  I feel mentally, emotionally and physically better following my treatments.  I can feel the shifts taking place in my body…permanent shifts.  I think this is the best I have felt my whole life.
I have had some wild experiences due to B.E.S.T. that have allowed me to let go of the past.  Thirty years of hip and back pain are gone so it  doesn’t look like surgery will be in the cards for me any time soon.   We have worked on my negativity which was keeping me stuck.  Many emotional issues have been dealt with including my PTSD.  I have learned to take responsibility for my overall health and wellness whether something’s going on physically, mentally, emotionally, in my relationships and family, or in my spiritual journey.
I am no longer a passive participant in my health which I was for most of my life.  My body has been healing itself helped by B.E.S.T.   I thought “therapy” and BEST was for wimps.  Many thanks Megan…see you at the table!”

RL, Qualicum

“I see Megan weekly for both counselling therapy and B.E.S.T.  I am in recovey from addictions and I have benefiitted from the 90-minute sessions that I spend in the chair and on her table each week.
My first visit was confusing to me; I was unsure of the process.  It seemed too simple!  I found out that my body was holding onto so much trauma, grief and buried emotions that years of therapy had not tapped into.  I was always so busy doing things for my family that I lost myself.  Stress and dealing with life’s challinges were mostly overwhelming to me; my body would freeze up.  I found out that I was locked in “fight, flight or freeze” responses…I could feel it in my body.  I think I have been this way for most of my life.  The trauma was not just in my head but locked inside me too.
Today I am happy to say that I rarely, if ever, have panic or anxiety attacks.  I am calmer, my thinking is much clearer,  and I have goals for my future that I am working on.  I have always carried my feelings in my stomach, my back and my neck, and now I no longer have pain and…ug…those daily headaches.  My stress levels have gone from an 8 or 9 to maybe a 2.
Megan understands my addictions so well; I can talk to her about anything.  She doesn’t judge me or tell me what to do.  We have worked on my many issues including my abuses, dysfunctional relationships, my anger, and my fears.  Stress for me has always been unmanageable; until now.
My relationships in my immediate family have improved dramatically.  I also love my new career.  I will always be grateful for the special people who have helped me on my journey.” 

BR & CR, Comox

“When I first began seeing my Practitioner, I was in physical pain every day.  I slept badly most nights.  I was run down, exhausted and discouraged.  Traditional doctors diagnosed me with various physical ailments including the chronic pain of fibromyalgia.
I was offered medications to help me manage my debilitating symptoms.  I’ve tried everything from accupuncture, massage therapies, physiotherapies, alternative therapies and loads of supplements.  I needed something more and could not find the help I wanted until I read about B.E.S.T.   I didn’t want to be dependent on medications to manage my life.  I wanted  someone who would treat me as a whole person…I didn’ t want just my symptoms treated.  I was skeptical when I began treatments because I had tried so many things.
I didn’t know what to expect from my body and how something so simple and gentle was going to help me, or cause me even more pain.  I just know that once I began B.E.S.T. treatments I began to feel better quickly.  I felt a peace that I have not felt before.  I came back for treatments because it gives me more energy, I feel more alive, and I have less pain.  Every treatment session peeled away something that was either no longer beneficial, or interfering with my health.  Through B.E.S.T. I faced issues I had shoved way down deep inside my soul.
Many of my physical ailments and complaints dissipated, my energy increased and my attitude and outlook on life changed.  The depression lifted and has not returned.  I did not have to take medications….yeah!   I manage my stress levels very differently today. I do the Morter March every day beause it helps me stay positive, keeps my body moving in a gentle way and I can do it anywhere.
My negative outlook on life has dwindled.  Nutrition now plays a key role in how I take care of myself.   I am so grateful I found B.E.S.T.   Megan taught me Family B.E.S.T. and I do it on my daughter in between her sessions with Megan.  Thanks Megan for giving me my life back and helping my family.”

Mrs. K, Nanaimo

“I first tried B.E.S.T. because a friend recommended it to me.  I didn`t know she had been going for treatments.  I was 6 months away from getting married and she saw my stress levels going through the roof.  This was supposed to be an exciting time in my life, but the stress was killing me.  I was moody, sleeping poorly, eating badly, no energy at all, and really not functioining well.
My fiance and family were very worried about me.  I think my fiance thought I was going to cancel the wedding.   So I knew I had to do something.  I tried B.E.S.T. because I didn’t want anything that inflicted pain; I certainly did not want my privacy invaded, and I trusted my friend.  I just wanted to get fixed.  So I chatted with Megan and we began treatments.  She made it very easy and took interest in my overall care.  The changes in me were more than I could have ever expected.  I got healthier and happier!
I began sleeping soundly, I had more energy and I just seemed more peaceful.  My relationships improved because my moods shifted.  I realized how scared I was about the future.   I desperately wanted to be a good wife; a role I knew nothing about.  I was feeling the financial pressures which I didn’t even realize was bugging me.  I stopped trying to do everything myself.  I am learning to manage all the changes in my life instead of fighting them.  I got married and I am not the same person I was before B.E.S.T.
My husband asks me where the old me went!   I have learned a great deal about myself and I am taking care of my health and happiness. My husband has began treatments also.   I can honestly say that this is probably the happiest and most contented I have felt my whole life and it`s just begun!!!
Megan gave me a treatment the day before my wedding at my house.  I am grateful for my friends, my family and especially, my husband.   I travel once a week to Courtenay  for my treatments.  I am eternally grateful Megan!”