Life today comes with a myriad of stressors that “pile up” if left untreated.  Adults of all ages suffer with anxiety, fears, untreated grief, untreated trauma and complex trauma, and mental health concerns as a result.   Addictions, disordered eating, overspending, remaining in abusive relationships and self harming behaviour are ways of coping that have become “normalized” in today’s culture.  Covid too has changed our way of living.   Untreated mental health issues are at pandemic proportions and affect families and loved ones.   Help is often sought “only when” nothing is working or the pain is too great to continue carrying.  The pain of  your life is why you are reaching out for help.    

Welcome To Madrona Wellness Centre

Mental, emotional, physical, relational, and spiritual health are intricately connected; when they stop working well together, interference results and throws us into tailspins.   A backlog of untreated symptoms means a backlog of causes.  Left untreated, the pain, the sorrows, the hurt, heartaches and traumas (whether big or small) eventually require the attention of a professional to assist.   Your  old ways of coping are no longer working for you and those around you.     

Counselling therapies combined with somatic principles direct therapy to work from the inside out; not from the outside in. This treatment approach acknowledges the presenting symptoms while working to get to the underlying cause/s. We cannot think our way into healing.

Trauma and complex trauma are often significant causes (unhealed) from our past.   Often wounds come from families, dysfunctional or abusive relationships, or those who were obligated to keep us safe.

The whole body is responding to those internal conflicts. Every symptom you experience happens for a reason. Physical aches, pain and disease, heartaches, trauma and emotional pain are seen as the result of symptoms left untreated.  Getting to the CAUSE is the work of counselling therapies at this centre.

  • Locate and treat the CAUSE of your symptoms or condition.
  • Remove the interference that is not allowing you to heal physically, mentally, emotionally, relationally, socially, sexually and spiritually.
  • Uncover the traumas, toxins and thoughts that are creating the interference from your life experience.  Allow healing to happen.
  • Update and reprogram those negative messages from the subconscious that often drive how you are coping with your life.  You recognize they are not working any longer.    
  • Reduce your fight/flight/freeze responses; hyper vigilance.    Help improve your relationships with others, and your relationship with self.  




RPC, MPCC, RTC, MTC, RCS, CCPCPR, Bio Energetics Practitioner