12 Step Recovery

12 Step RecoveryTwelve step programs have been around for a very long time; more than 75 years. These are self-help groups that addicts in recovery or those trying to get recovery attend and explore. Millions and millions of lives around the globe have been saved by those practicing the principles of the 12-step programs and doing the work. The backbone of the program is one addict helping another to achieve sobriety…whatever the addiction is. I am not suggesting that the 12-step programs replace therapy. Instead I am suggesting that 12-step groups often supplement therapy. Many (but not all) reputable and long-established inpatient treatment centres incorporate 12-step groups and meetings into their therapeutic programs with their clients while in treatment. The clients are generally encouraged to continue with 12-step groups post-treatment. The “Pros and cons debates” have continued in all of those 75+ years and I am sure, will continue to be debated further. You may be willing to attend 12-step meetings in your community, or you may not.  The decision will always rest in your hands.