Al-Anon counselling

Al-Anon and Family Counselling: Help for Loved Ones Who are Impacted by Addiction. Alcohol, Street Drugs, Prescription Drug Misuse, Gambling, Sex and Pornography, Relationships, Abuse, Eating Disorders, Anger, Manipulation & Control…

When addiction is present in your family, living with an addict (whether in your home or not) can be painful to endure. The pain and heartache can lead you to feel like you are going crazy. Fears can be paralyzing. Your life may feel like it is “stuck”. You may feel like you are “drowning or suffocating”. Family members are riddled with fear, guilt and often misplaced shame. Those who live with a loved one in addiction may become traumatized to varying degrees by the experience. Broad swings, from one end of the emotional, psychological, and behavioural spectrum to the other, all too often, characterize the addicted family system. Normal routines are constantly being interrupted by unexpected or even traumatizing kinds of experiences as a result. What is being said often doesn’t match up with what family members sense and feel beneath the surface, or see right in front of their eyes. The entire family system becomes absorbed by “the problem” that is slowly spiralling out of control. Stress levels can escalate to the point of mental, physical and emotional exhaustion, culminating in health issues. Stop. Get the help that you need to better manage your own life while dealing with the addict you love. Regain a sense of balance in your own life. Stress is a killer today.

Don’t let your health deteriorate to the point that you are in your own health crisis; i.e.: Depression, anxiety, panic, digestive disorders, irritability, angry, headaches, sleep disturbances, memory loss, heart attack; diabetes, change in eating patterns . These examples reveal a body very susceptible to illness and disease. Stress disrupts every system in your body and you pay the price.