Drug & Alcohol Counselling

Drug and Alcohol CounsellingDrug addicts fall in love with the good feelings that alcohol and other drugs produce. For some addicts they fall in love with the euphoria their drug gives them. For others, it numbs feelings. And for others, they feel invincible and unconquerable. Addicts mistakenly believe that they are not harming themselves or others. The brain is significantly altered by all addictions. Addicts stop using only when the pain and heartache of using hurts so much that they have to stop using in order to survive. Addiction is cunning, baffling, powerful, and extremely patient. Relapsing (recidivism) is part of the addiction; not recovery. Whether it is abuse or dependency, there is a way out that doesn’t have to lead to death. Approximately 1 in 10 individuals are addicted to drugs and alcohol in our country today. Families and loved ones are agonizingly impacted by the drug addict or alcoholic’s addiction and the pervasive consequences. Without help, it is impossible to stop. Help and recovery are available for everyone involved.