Gambling Addiction

Gambling Addiction CounsellingLike all addictive behaviours, gambling addiction destroys lives; from finances and families, relationships and careers, to self-worth, self-esteem and sanity. Treating addictive behaviors is no different than treating addictive substances. As with all addictions, gambling may start out as a social activity, labelled “harmless”. The brain is significantly altered by all addictions. It is only when the compulsions spiral out of control and take over the life of the addict, does the addict begin to realize that s/he is “drowning” in gambling addiction with no foreseeable way out. Whether it is being “hooked” on the slots, sports, the horses, online poker, or casinos, etc., the loss of control is always the same along with lying, deceit and broken promises. Lying, borrowing money, stealing, being fired from your job, selling household furniture to “get the fix”…the trail of compulsive gambling and its highway of destruction is inescapable. The carelessness towards our family and loved ones, the potential for self-harm and self-destruction are often are the precursors to getting help and getting into recovery. Family members and loved ones are agonizingly impacted by the compulsive gambler’s addiction and the pervasive consequences. Without help, it is impossible to stop. Help and recovery are available for everyone involved.