Sex Addiction Counselling

Sex Addiction CroppedSex addiction is characterized by sexually self-destructive thinking and behaviors. Whether male or female, married, in a committed relationship or single, lust is at the core of sex addiction. The sex addict is “sex drunk” like alcohol addiction, and cannot control or stop the behaviors. The brain is significantly altered by all addictions. Thoughts and behaviors become all-consuming. Like all addictions, the sex addict is dying of shame, guilt, remorse, fear, emptiness and loneliness. The “spiralling out-of-control cycle” takes the sex addict deeper and deeper into sex addiction; to depths the addict never dreamed possible. Driven to despair by the overwhelming power and control of lust and the resulting behaviours, risks and attitudes, the sex addict begins taking stock of the devastation it has caused in their life. Families and loved ones are agonizingly impacted by the sex addict’s lifestyle and pervasive consequences. Without help, it is impossible to stop.