Anger Management

Anger Management CounsellingAnger is a normal, usually healthy emotion. Anger can elicit unhealthy behaviours.  Anger is intended to protect us from harm, help us get our needs met, and to keep us from falling into despair. Managed correctly or kept in check, anger is a healthy ally in our lives. Conversely, stuffing feelings down, pretending you have dealt with them, or finally exploding or “getting loaded”; these are not healthy ways of dealing with anger.  Depression is most often anger turned inwards and left untreated.  When anger fuels aggressive or destructive behaviours, it is seriously problematic.  The behaviour can alienate us from loved ones, it can be destructive in our significant relationships, and can push us further into isolation, loneliness and despair. It can fuel guilt, shame, remorse and inferiority. If left untreated, the behaviour can lead us to do things we will regret. Anger can be fueled by past events, maybe from our childhood that is playing out in a “current triggering situation”. Anger can be a sign that a deeper underlying mental health issue is present. Anger is a serious problem when abuse, aggression and/or violence are present. Drug and alcohol may mask issues of anger temporarily; but drugs and alcohol use may make anger worse. If you find yourself tense, frustrated, simmering just below the surface, arguing with people often, people don’t want to be around or they disappoint you, and it is possible you or a loved one has problems with the feeling and the behaviour. With help, the client who struggles with anger issues can uncover the underlying cause. The client learns to identify their triggers and learn healthy coping or avoidant strategies and skills. They also learn what their relapse cycle is and learn to abort the relapsing behavior before it spirals out of control again.