Grief & Loss Counselling

Grief and Loss CounsellingGrief and Loss are natural reactions to the death of a loved one, or any major life change like an illness, a career change, divorce, betrayal, or severed relationships. Grief can trigger acute physical and emotional anguish and overwhelm us. If left untreated, this suffering may go on for months or years; for some decades. Grief and Loss Counselling is designed to help individuals move through all the stages of the grieving process, and not “get stuck” or “remain stuck” in the process. Counselling helps resolve anger, helplessness, hopelessness, depression, sadness, fears and anxiety…whatever you are dealing with. Grieving produces very powerful feelings, and for some shutting off those feelings is the coping mechanism that may work for a time, but will keep resurfacing until those powerful feelings are dealt with. Sometimes life’s responsibilities can distract us from facing our grief and dealing with it; until we feel numb inside or wondering if life is worth living. Working through your loss in Grief Counselling sessions, whatever your loss, can prevent the negative physical, emotional and social side effects that come from ignoring the emotions after any painful loss. The process is different for everyone…some try to work through it on their own but find that it resurfaces through depression, anxiety, fears, loneliness, physical illness. Counselling therapy is not a quick fix for grief….your own unique process cannot be rushed. With help you will discover the stages of grief/grieving, where you are in your grieving process, and in the process find out so much about yourself.