Individuals, Couples, Family, Group

Individual Couples Family Group CounsellingClients come into therapy with unique issues. Whether you are coming for individual help, or wanting to come in for couples or adult family work, it is important that each person who engages in the process is committed to seeing therapy through. Coming into therapy is a sign of strength; not weakness. It takes courage and bravery to take that first step, whether by phone or email. It next takes courage to open up and begin sharing your pain, frustration, anger or hurt with a professional there to help you. It takes courage to continue in therapy and face your personal issues. It takes courage and a brave spirit to take a good long look at “self” and determine where change would be useful. Then it takes courage to actually make the effort to begin making those changes. When clients say that they see therapy as a sign of weakness, Megan will reassure them that they have the “guts” to face whatever the issue is head on, and deal with it. Courage and bravery help engage you in therapeutic process, and help keep you in process until you and your counselling therapist see the desired outcomes and achievements of your goals.

Megan does Specialized Psycho-Educational Groups with individuals (male only, female only, or mixed groups) on specific topics, e.g.: Anger Management, Relapse Prevention, Abuse, Families Living with Addiction, Codependency, Grief.

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